Mac Wood Fuels

  • We have been producing high quality wood pellets from virgin Hard wood shavings locally at our sawmill in Midlothian for over 5 years.

All the shavings are produced from virgin hard wood which are a bi product of our sawmill process, therefore making them more sustainable and environmentally friendly than pellets produced from round timber.

  • Our wood pellets are produced from virgin hardwood this ensures a high quality, even burning pellet, with a higher calorific value and lower ash content than pellets produced from soft wood such as pine. This equates to 11% more Kw hr /Ton than softwood pellets. For every 1000kg of softwood pellets you only need 890kg of our pellets to produce the same Kw/hr making a saving for our customers and the environment.


Pellet Specification

Calorific Value           5,200 Kw hr / Ton

Ash Content               0.3%

Moisture                     Below 6%

Horse Bedding and Cat Litter

  • We also supply wood pellets for horse bedding and cat litter made from 100% virgin timber. The pellets are; completely sterile, highly absorbent, easy to use, low dust and 100% biodegradable.

Biomass Suppliers List (BSL)

  • We are registered on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) which is all you need to claim your Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). BSL Number 0254033 – 0001

Collection / Deliveries

  • Quantities from 10kg bags and more can be collected from our yard at Old Pentland. Alternatively, quantities of ½ ton or more for local delivery can be delivered kerbside or stacked at a competitive rate. Nationwide mainland kerbside delivery can be arranged through our delivery partners.

Whisky Barrel Staves / Hardwood Logs

Available in 15Kg bags and Builders Bag, ideal for all wood burners.

Available to collect from our yard or local delivery can be arranged.

Whisky Barrel Sawdust

Oak Whisky barrel sawdust ideal for smoking meat, fish and cheese, available in 10Kg and 20Kg Bags.

Wood Pellet Price List Collected from Our Yard

10kg Bag      £2.50 inc 5% VAT

½ ton 50 x 10Kg bags £115 inc 5% VAT

1 Ton 100 x 10Kg bags £226 inc 5% VAT

Delivery Prices on application


Whisky Barrel Staves / Hardwood Logs Prices Collected from Our Yard

15Kg Bag      £6 inc 5% VAT

Builders Bag               £70 inc 5% VAT

Delivery Prices on application

Whisky Barrel Saw Dust Prices on application